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Frequently Asked Questions

(or, at least what you should be asking)

1.  Who will be doing my reception / party?

With Fatman Entertainment, you always know who your DJ is, because you will meet with him at least twice.  After all, you want to make sure the person in charge of your most important is someone with whom you are comfortable.  Your DJ is guaranteed in your contract.

2.  How much experience does your prospective DJ have?

How important is your day to you?  If it's your wedding day, it's probably very important.  Do you want to take a chance on an inexperience DJ?

We have been in business since 1996, and I personally have over twenty years experience providing the very best in DJ entertainment.

3.  What is included in the packages?

Find out what is included, and will the package meet your needs.  For instance, does your DJ company have wireless microphones for toasts and announcements?  Do they charge extra for travel outside a certain area?  How about lighting?  What is the charge for overtime?

Fatman Entertainment offer a variety of wireless microphones (hand-held and lavaliere for the minister, if needed) at no extra charge.  We also now offer up-lighting to enhance your event.  Some of our packages include no charge for overtime.

4.  Does your prospective DJ take requests?

It is very important to ask about the music selection.  Will the music they provide meet your needs?  If the music selection is slim, many requests will not be fulfilled.

Fatman Entertainment will gladly take requests.  We will bring a vast music library (over 22,000 songs) so that all of yours and your guests requests can be met.  We offer a wide range of genres that include Big Band Sing, Oldies, Classic Rock/Pop, Country, Disco, Latin, and today's Top-40/Dance/Hip-Hop.  All of which, are edited for content.

5.  Can your prospective DJ provide references?

Employers require references, why shouldn't you?  Ask if you can contact those references, personally.

We have several testimonials on file at your disposal.  We will let you know which ones have agreed to allow you to contact them.

6.  Does your prospective DJ use professional DJ equipment?

Only professional DJ equipment is built to stand up to the rigors of providing music hours on end.  Home stereos and sound systems from your local chain store is NOT professional gear.  Don't let an iPod ruin your event.  Ask about the power of their system.  Nothing is worse than to have loud, distorted music.  A good rule of thumb is 2 watts of power for every guest.

Fatman Entertainment uses all professional DJ gear from reputable DJ manufacturers.  Whether your party is for 50 or 500, we have the perfect system for you. 

7.  Is there a written contract?

With Fatman Entertainment, you will always receive a written service agreement, protecting your entertainment investment.



8.  Does your prospective DJ carry liability insurance?

Some venues require this type of insurance.  Fatman Entertainment carries a $2,000,000 liability insurance policy.

9.  Does your prospective DJ have back-up equipment?

What is the ability of the DJ to keep the music going, in caase of equipment failure?

Fatman Entertainment carries back-up professional DJ equipment in the unlikely case of failure.  We do this for your peace of mind.

10.  Now you can ask, "HOW MUCH?"

When you have all of the information, you are now able to figure out what the DJ service is worth to you.  Each reception/party is unique.  Please call for a consultation and price quote.